Professional Installation:

Cost and procedure:

Garage loop-Standard installation: $350-$375

A standard installation cost is $350.00-$375.00 and includes all material, building a whole house filter loop connected to a garage loop.  Plumbing is secured to wall studs with Unistrut mount and cushion clamps. Includes up to 3 feet distance to shutoff valve location. optional Filter M-brace to secure filters to wall studs is recommended. (add $75.00)

We will work directly with your choice of plumber or provide a plumber at these rates. If utilizing your own plumber I can provide you with all measurements, material needs and specifications or speak directly with your plumber.



Extend Location: 

A 3 ft distance to garage loop is included in the standard installation. To extend location measure linear distance to desired location minus 3 feet. Add $15.00 per foot for total cost. This includes a double run of copper pipe, fittings and pipe straps to wall studs.



Access Panel installation: add $100.00

Access panel installation is needed when the plumbing enters from the outside wall of the garage. The plumber locates the entry point inside the garage and cuts a 14" square cutout. Then brings the plumbing through an access panel to connect plumbing to Whole house filter loop. Includes all material and labor.




Stucco Wall outside: add $100.00

When installing outside to stucco walls it is important to locate the inside wall studs to secure plumbing for a whole house filter loop. Adding the Filter M-brace should be given strong consideration for this type of application.

Homeowner Self-installation material pack: 1" = $65.00 or 3/4" = $45.00
Includes 20" Unistrut, 2-1/2" x 1/4" lag bolts and washers, Cushion clamps, 1" npt copper male adapters with 14" pre soldered copper pipes x 2.




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