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The California Filter comes ready to install and is fully functional. Optional upgrades to accommodate sizing, appearance and serviceability are available. Please do not hesitate to inquire with me about these alternatives. Some I recommend, some I do not. Increasing size to accommodate family visits once a year is not necessary and will increase upfront and long term service cost. These I do not recommend.

Standard Black fiberglass:

Below is the standard set up shown in 9" x 48" black fiberglass tanks, Clack D1400 1 inch valve head and Installation kit . 

$1650.00 + tax and installation.


Installation Kit : included

Included with system at no added cost: V3006 bypass assembly and factory recommended stainless steel flex connectors. These eliminate 6 water connections. The bypass allows you to bypass the system without shutting off water to the house. For servicing, this is a real plus and a cost saver. It also provides a whole house shutoff.

Optional Welded Stainless: $75.00 ea.

Welded stainless steel jackets are available on the standard size system for an additional $75.00 each. They do add a nice aesthetic appeal and provide a thin layer of air insulation from hot weather conditions. 

Welded Stainless - $1800.00 + tax and installation.

Filter M-brace: $75.00

The Filter M-brace ties in directly to the wall studs. It is a steel brace mounting system with straps and is adjustable to account for the plumbing and concrete footing up to 7". Measure yours to make sure it is under 7" deep from wall to edge of footing. Cost is $75.00


Self-Service Kit: $25.00

This kit allows you to do the flush and soak required for filter changes. It includes (1) filter funnel, (2) flush connectors both in and out, (1) riser cap and (1) riser flush relief connector. By self servicing you save a $100.00 labor cost. 










Self-Service Kit



Self Service Instructional Video


Sizing Upgrades:

The standard size system is designed for up to 15 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate. When water passes through filtration media it needs a certain amount of contact or residence time to remove chemicals and contaminants. Contact time is rated by GPM flow rates. It has nothing to do with how many bedrooms you have or how many people live in the house. Each shower uses 2gpm, washing machine is 3gpm, faucets are 2gpm, dishwasher is 2gpm. Example: A household using 3 showers, washing clothes and using a dishwasher all at the same time. = 11 GPM.


When you increase the size of the system it requires larger tanks and more filtration media. To increase to 20GPM adds $400.00 up front and everytime you change the filtration media.

Upsized - $2200.00 + tax and installation



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