The retired Water Filter guy's


California Filter


                           "When only the Very Best will do"                             

Bottled Water Quality throughout the entire house

Removes over 200 chemicals and contaminants


Eliminates scale build up and hard water problems


About The retired Water Filter guy:

I retired from the water filter business in 2015, and can offer filters and services at extremely low prices. I have no overhead, am bored to death and very passionate about water filtration. I sold my business in Arkansas after 20 plus years and retired to California. The first thing I noticed was how bad the water is and the emphasis here on water and energy conservation. The solution to this delimma became the California Filter. Designed for the worst water in the country, it wastes no energy or water and is environmentally friendly. If you have any questions about different types of filtration, call me.  you will feel no pressure to buy anything, I promise. 


UPDATE: 2018: The Un-retired Water Filter guy: The second thing I noticed was overpriced water filter sales companies, high priced plumbing and installation charges, way over stated performance values and timelines on filters. They do not last a lifetime. I'm no longer bored, but even more passionate about water filtration.

About the California Filter:  A designed System and Process:

  • Designed with uncompromising integrity of Product and Process
  • Eliminates overpriced water filter companies and service charges.
  • Eliminates overpriced plumber's and installation charges.
  • Designed for professional installation with preset value pricing.


• Choose your options

• Professional Installation



Feel free to call if you have any questions, concerns etc.
Thank You for your time and interest.


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